We are SO happy you are here! We want to take a minute to introduce ourselves and allow you to meet the faces behind Sweet Lily Décor!

First off, we want to thank you for the bottom of our hearts for being here. This dream we are living is nowhere near possible without each and everyone of our followers and customers. Please know when you support a small business, those business owners do a little happy dance for each and every order we get!

My Name is Marissa! I am a stay-at-home mom to the cutesiest and most energetic 1 year old around! I'm also a mom to a beautiful fluff ball golden retriever who inspired sweet lily décor! She's our sweet girl :) 

Sweet Lily Décor was actually previously just a candle business I threw together in the heart of covid, names Love Scents Candle Company. I had been making candles for well over 5 years and decided to sell them here and there...well boy was I wrong. My small little side gig had turned into a full production where I was working all hours of the day, no sleep, and had my entire family helping me fulfill orders. It was truly a dream come true. The result of this truly inspired me to build my own business from the bottom up and be able to do something I love everyday, with the people I love! I decided to expand my work from just candles and include home décor and apparel as well! Which brings us to the launch of Sweet Lily Décor :)

Sweet Lily Décor is a handmade apparel, décor, and home fragrance small business that is run by myself and my husband, who helps me SO MUCH with the behind the scenes! I would be so lost in this without his amazing support and never ending help to build things for me and help me get orders out to each of you! Currently we run this business out of our home in Plano, Illinois but we hopefully will meet some of our goals one day that will allow us to adventure out!

If you have made it this far, we want to personally thank you for your support! When you purchase small, you are helping dreams come true and supporting small families that are SO thankful for your order and support! 

Thank you for stopping by and we hope you love all of your items as much as we enjoy making them for you!.

Marissa Gonzalez

Shop Owner